Constructed Paintings (and a Sculpture)

Block K

13 Bell Yard Mews

175 Bermondsey Street

London SE1 3UW

Exhibition opens Wednesday 2nd June onward.

Visit by prior appointment.

Text your name and requested date and time to 07866 583629, for return.

The entrance to Bell Yard Mews is opposite White Cube in Bermondsey Street.

Block K is at the rear of the mews: the gallery is on the 1st floor, no lift.

Facemasks continue to be required for a visit.

This is the second exhibition of


John Bunker


John Panting

Dean Piacentini

John Pollard

We recommend a visit, but if you are unable to attend the exhibition, photographs and information of all the work will be shown later, towards the end of June.


  1. Hi Robin, Is the John Panting who is in the exhibition the same as the artist who died in the mid 70s in a motorcycle accident? A friend of mine (artist) who was taught by him then, got in touch, and told me he was highly thought of. Dean

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