Exhibition closes Sunday 5th September 2021

Visit by prior appointment.

Text your name and requested date and time to 07866 583629, for return.

Emyr Williams, “Times Request”, 2021, 127x76cm

Emyr Williams, “Times Refuge”, 2021, 127x76cm

Emyr Williams, “Dog Days”, 2021, 127x76cm

Pete Hoida, “Naked Women Swimming”, 2019, 108×139

Pete Hoida, “Fevered Lace”, 2020, 104×112

Terry Ryall, “Land of Plenty”, 2021, 79x60cm (plus frame)

Terry Ryall, “Arabian Nights”, 2021, 41x31cm (plus frame)

Terry Ryall, “Snakes and Ladders”, 2021, 44x31cm (plus frame)

Noela James Bewry, untitled (red), 2020-21, 90x90cm

Noela James Bewry, untitled, 2021, 129x100cm

Terry Ryall, “Xanadu”, 2021, 50x41cm

Block K

13 Bell Yard Mews

175 Bermondsey Street

London SE1 3UW

The entrance to Bell Yard Mews is opposite White Cube in Bermondsey Street.

Block K is at the rear of the mews: the gallery is on the 1st floor, no lift.

Facemasks optional.

This is the third exhibition of

See previous post for views of the exhibition.

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