ABCRIT.ORG: photos of work by Robin Greenwood, on show until early September.

Sam Cornish has written a short essay about this work on

Thank you Sam!

For information about visiting the exhibition, see previous post below.


  1. I’m now getting an unsettling feeling that I’ve not seen this work before. I mean there is constant change. I experienced this sensation when in the gallery. You continue to surprise, Robin.


  2. Hmm my comment just vanished. Hope this doesn’t post twice – I can see the new but it remains true that whilst there, the work I’d been looking at for hrs on and off, had a lot more in store for me. And now you go and make me visit again!


  3. I was wondering, after Patrick Jones posted one of his wonderful and crazy OTT comments on Twitter, what Cezanne would have thought about these sculptures – the paintings he may well have ignored, I imagine, but I am intrigued by the thought of him being asked to look at the sculpture…


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