The website is currently out of action, but we will be active with new content in early 2021.

Abcrit was originally intended as the follow-on site to abstractcritical (since gone missing), which acted as a forum for debate on abstract art from January 2011 until November 2014.

From 2014 until 2020, Abcrit continued as an arena for discussion, with critical and/or informative essays by a number of artists and writers, including Paul Behnke; Katrina Blannin; John Bunker; Paul Carey-Kent; Ken Carpenter; Sam Cornish; Matthew Dennis; Luke Elwes; Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe; Alan Gouk; Len Green; Robin Greenwood (founder/editor and contributer); Geoff Hands; Harry Hay; Pete Hoida; Noela James; Carl Kandutch; Nick Moore; Andy Parkinson; Charley Peters; Tim Scott; Craig Staff; Chris Stephens; David Sweet; Richard Ward; Emyr Williams.

All the articles from 2014 onwards are available to view on the website by backtracking.

To make a comment, use the reply box at the bottom of each individual post. Comments are moderated.

If you would like to get in touch privately by email, use the contact form immediately below on this page.

You can get updated about new posts by opting to ‘follow’ this site on the main page, and/or via twitter feed @AbstractCrit.


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