Sarah Greenwood – Patchworks

An exhibition of patchworks from 1990 to 2022, by Sarah Greenwood.

Exhibition opens Saturday 5th February 2022; closes 6th March.

Visit by prior appointment.

Text your name and requested date and time to 07866 583629, for return.

Block K

13 Bell Yard Mews

175 Bermondsey Street

London SE1 3UW

The entrance to Bell Yard Mews is opposite White Cube in Bermondsey Street.

Block K is at the rear of the mews: the gallery is on the 1st floor, no lift.

This is the fifth exhibition of

Individual works in the show, in order of hanging, clockwise from the entrance:

“Bow Ties”, undated, 95x65cm

One/four/nine patch, untitled, probably late 1990s, 181x181cm

Up and down/ left to right: “Dark and Light”, undated, 110x81cm

Nine patch block: “Whirling Birds”, c.2002, 173x172cm

Four patch block: “Light and Dark”, c.2002, 206x204cm

Four patch block, untitled, c.2000, 171x171cm

Nine patch/ sixteen patch block: “Chequerboard”, 2021-22, 158x186cm


Nine patch block, untitled, 2000-2016, 214x210cm

Four/ five patch block: “Staggered Stars”, c.2010, 68x68cm (on diagonal)

Works on the floor:

Random blocks, untitled, 2017-19, 148x141cm

Nine patch block, 1996, 171x172cm


  1. I’ll be visiting later today. What great shimmering colour, rhythms and complex, jostling spaces. I’m honoured I got to see some of your “workings out” in your studio. I hope lots of people visit your show before it closes. Seriously impressive x EC


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